Your Role

As a new member of Dansville Ambulance, after your initial orientation, you will have the option to train as either a driver or “medic trainee”. 


To be eligible to train as a driver, you must hold a valid New York state drivers license and current CPR card. All drivers are required to take an approved EVOC course upon clearing as a driver.

The driver’s primary responsibility is to drive the ambulance to and from the emergency scene. Our drivers are trained to operate the ambulance under “lights and siren” conditions. They assist the medic in caring for the patient at the emergency scene. 


To start training as a medic with us, you must be one of the following:

  • Currently hold  a valid  NYS EMT card

More About the BLS EMT Role
BLS is handled by a NYS certified EMT who evaluates and treats the patient at the scene and en route to the hospital. In New York State, EMTs are trained to handle a variety of patient symptoms, illnesses and injury including bleeding, falls/trauma, oxygen administration and more. All medics are certified to use an AED (automated external cardiac defibrillator), units used on patients who are in cardiac arrest to “shock” their hearts into a normal rhythm. Basic EMTs are also all trained in the administration of Epi-Pens, Aspirin and Nitrogylcerin to name a few which can help save a patient’s life if they are experiencing certain symptoms.